Batman: Arkham Knight — Impressions

“If the best part of the Arkham games are the visuals and the motif, then this is the best Arkham game, because Arkham Knight is the one that most capably handles those things. And given that it’s the first “next-gen” Arkham game, there should be absolutely nothing surprising about that.”


The Truth About John Romero

“I hate to bring this story up, but this is probably as good a place to do it. John Romero never worked on Quake, or Doom, or Wolfenstein. But it’s even more fucked up than that.”


It’s Time to Fix the RTS Earlygame

“[I]f you want the best singleplayer and multiplayer skirmishes in a genre which is heavily defined by the number of moving parts, then you start by cutting out the phase of play that looks more like the beginning of a chess game and less like the awesome simulation of war that RTS can be.”


Espgaluda — Impressions

“I know Cave was aiming for a more accessible shoot ’em up to compliment Ketsui, but it’s still remarkable that two games of such varying quality could come out in the same year from the same company.”


There’s Too Many Games, They Say

“Digital services and companies eager to undermine the traditional publishing circle have forced the masters of game design to compete with the amateur flavor of the month, and unfortunately, there’s a lot of terrible-tasting flavors. So what should you do? How do you manage the glut?”


On Difficulty

“[W]hat I can assure you is that the game which forces you to demonstrate competency and mastery of a universe—often to the point where that universe is burned into your brain—is going to lead to a more satisfying and memorable impression than the passive experience that’s as challenging as a cheap television show.”