Espgaluda — Impressions

“I know Cave was aiming for a more accessible shoot ’em up to compliment Ketsui, but it’s still remarkable that two games of such varying quality could come out in the same year from the same company.”


There’s Too Many Games, They Say

“Digital services and companies eager to undermine the traditional publishing circle have forced the masters of game design to compete with the amateur flavor of the month, and unfortunately, there’s a lot of terrible-tasting flavors. So what should you do? How do you manage the glut?”


On Difficulty

“[W]hat I can assure you is that the game which forces you to demonstrate competency and mastery of a universe—often to the point where that universe is burned into your brain—is going to lead to a more satisfying and memorable impression than the passive experience that’s as challenging as a cheap television show.”


On “Toxic” Behavior

“So, I’ll leave one message for the videogame industry and concerned citizens: If you want to stop toxic behavior, then stop buying and building games that encourage it.”


Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II ★★

“I need to stress that Jedi Knight is not a bad game because it’s not Dark Forces, nor is it really a bad game in general, it’s rather of a fairly average pedigree. But almost every core addition wasn’t thought out well enough to reach its full potential and what unique assets there are simply don’t set it apart as its own class of quality—not by a long shot.”


The Game Awards 2014 Sing-Along Guide

“Everything about this show—from the corporate influence, to the structure, and pacing, to the horrible choice of entertainment options—is partially or absolutely the work of one Geoff Keighley, the Lord and Master of Doing the Dew. But talk is cheap and so is this awards ceremony. Let’s get to business.”