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Welcome to the discussion board for Learn to Counter.  Since you've shown an eagerness and interest in posting on a website dedicated to long-form criticism of videogames, whether or not you will survive here probably comes down to whether or not you are willing to read this.  Please do that.


* Your choice to post on this forum should come down to the simple question: Do you feel as though you have to gain something by posting on it?  I view the act of writing as an amazing way to open up your mind and you should feel free to use this forum as a means to open discussion any game-related topic that you are interested in.  With that said, there is absolutely no obligation from me or any of the other site readers to provide a feedback loop for that content.  The nature of this website means that you will not get the same feedback loop that you will find on a Reddit, a 4chan, or a NeoGAF.  This site is concerned foremost with quality over quantity, and with it, the intrinsic act of writing about games (and exploring your horizons) should come first.

* While some degree of etiquette and decorum should be expected in the course of posting on a community message board, everyone here should expect to have their opinions challenged.  Sometimes, this will be done with a lot of emotion and fury.  This is the nature of an inherently competitive form of media and entertainment.  With this said, the readers and authors of this website have very divergent opinions on the topic of games and (ideally) do not care what you like or do not like.  What is important is that you can defend your opinions on those games, remain open to new recommendations, and are generally trying to educate yourself about the topic.  This website is intended to be the enemy of decadence and lethargy.  If you don't have the answers, feel free to ask questions.

* This website is intended to facilitate an interest in new games.  It is not intended to be an echo chamber for the videogame player who is convinced that no good games have been released since 1995.  While this may seem a little bit hypocritical from someone who has written scathing rants against modern videogame development, the endgoal has always been to eventually direct you and others towards the games that are actually worth playing.  There is always something out there, old or new, that you have not played and is most certainly worth playing, and this website can act as a guiding force to find those games.

* I reserve the right to ban anyone from the forums at any time for any reason.  This is a dictatorship with a feedback loop.  While I try to facilitate open conversation on topics, I absolutely reserve the right to delete or eliminate any posts or topics which do not contribute to the goal of a constructive discussion.  I also reserve the right to mock or make fun of stupid posts and to make examples out of people who must be made an example of.  This site is a democracy in the sense that you can exchange the ideas I allow you to exchange, and I am concerned with offering a platform for the high-quality discussion of videogames and other material.

Games Section

* The Games section is essentially a collaborative review section.  Chit chat and localized discussion of these games can either be relegated to the Let's Play section or the IRC.  Occasionally, low-quality or erroneous posts will be purged from discussion threads in order to leave what is worth reading.

* New threads will be submitted for approval and are subject to editorial review.  This means that what you submit may change.  If necessary, me or the other moderators will help to collaborate and set things in order.  Generally speaking, the goal of a decent review is not to tell me what the game is about or what content is in the game.  The goal is to tell me why those things matter, and how they end up with a good game or a bad game.  It is highly recommended that you read this thread before decision to make a post or reply in the Games section.

GameFAQs-Quality Discussion

* Named in honor of the most prestigious academic institution in game criticism, the GameFAQs board is for throwaway discussion of whatever topics you want to engage.  While the standards for moderation are at a minimum here, please respect the site rules and please don't attack others for your own amusement.  Posts in this forum will be deleted on a regular basis, and the cut-off is usually in the range of three months.  However, posts will occasionally be "upgraded" into other forums they merit the consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully, your posting experience is an enjoyable and productive one.

- Mike Lowell
Lead Designer, Learn to Counter: The Official Game of the Movie

Please note that this registration agreement will be amended as it is necessary to do so.



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